About Notice the Elephant

Hi there,
I'm Urška Ilc, founder of Notice the Elephant, marketing agency that can help your businesses achieve goals & KPIs, by optimizing your marketing funnel from top to bottom.

I have started Notice the Elephant in 2013 with a desire to better link marketing & communication activities with sales & clients' growth goals.

Feel free to reach out, If you are struggling with hitting your goals, or If you feel you haven't fully explored digital marketing potential.


Company name: Notice the Elephant d.o.o.
Address: Trg komandanta Staneta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail: info@noticetheelephant.com
Court of Registry: District Court in Ljubljana
Registration number: 9131469000
Authorized representative: Urška Ilc
VAT number: SI76204944

Trusted by Great Companies:

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