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Optimizing Your Path to Conversion

Discover the power of a well-defined marketing funnel with our tailored solutions. Our services create a clear and measurable link between your marketing activities and sales, ensuring your business's growth and prosperity.


Follow Your Users Throughout Their Buyer Journey

Our comprehensive funnel marketing strategy ensures a smooth customer journey from the moment of discovery to the final conversion. We identify and patch any leaks in your funnel to maximize conversion opportunities. With our digital marketing funnels, every step of the customer journey is optimised for success.

Data-Driven, Targeted Brand Promotion

On the top of marketing funnel, brands have multiple target groups they need to reach, in order to achieve their communication goals. We will determine all relevant target groups, and use data to predict their needs, desires and future behaviour. Furthermore, we will map the strengths of different marketing channels to catch their attention. Last but not least, each element and activity will be A/B tested and optimised to achieve best results.

Reliable Boost of Your Company's ROI

At the bottom of the marketing funnel, every business needs a functioning and predictable path to conversions, whether it is through performance marketing, email marketing, content marketing or another marketing tool. Stop gambling with success on campaign-to-campaign basses. Let's build a sustainable growth machine instead!

Retain Customers and Increase Their Value

Companies should never forget about their users after conversion stage. In other words, they should manage what happens at the other side of the marketing funnel as well. Whether you are eCommerce company and you want more repeat purchases; or you have a SaaS subscription based business and you need to improve customer satisfaction to better retention rate; just about any business can also benefit from more referrals

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Frequently Asked Questions About Funnel Marketing Services

A marketing funnel is a framework that systematically outlines the customer's journey from the initial discovery of your brand through to the final conversion and beyond. It identifies crucial stages in the customer journey, representing key stages of the funnel. This enables the development of focused and targeted strategies that always align with your marketing goals and effectively guide users through the funnel, leading to increased conversions.

While marketing funnels are commonly associated with lead capturing and lead nurturing, their scope is much broader. They provide a structure to map out your company's entire marketing ecosystem, ensuring alignment with your marketing objectives and enabling the tracking of results in a clear and transparent manner.
Performance marketing and funnel marketing are two concepts within digital marketing, each with a unique approach to achieving results.
Performance marketing is tactical and often short-term focused, aiming for immediate results. Funnel marketing is more comprehensive and strategic, following entire customer journey.
Performance marketing is focused on achieving specific actions, while funnel marketing is focused on guiding the customer through a journey with multiple touchpoints. In performance marketing, payment is tied directly to the performance of the campaign, whereas funnel marketing involves investment in various marketing tactics.
While both use metrics, performance marketing is more concerned with immediate metrics like click-through rate (CTR), and return on ad spend (ROAS). Funnel marketing looks at metrics across the funnel stages, like engagement rates, conversion rates per stage like customer acquistion (CAC), and overall customer lifetime value (CLV).
We offer our funnel marketing services globally, ensuring that no matter where your business operates, we can assist in reaching your marketing goals. Our in-house team is equipped to handle several languages, and for markets that require a specific local touch, we collaborate with translation agencies and local marketing experts. This approach allows us to deliver culturally relevant and linguistically accurate marketing funnels, tailored to the unique aspects of each market you wish to engage.
Our approach to funnel marketing is rooted in the belief that achieving the full potential of your marketing efforts is an ongoing process. While we can conduct one-off projects like audits, strategy development, or the initial setup of new funnels, the true value lies in continuous optimization.
To this end, we offer monthly services that focus on refining and optimising your funnel with ab testing, upgrading it with new activties, and adapting it in the face of market shifts, consumer behavior changes, and the natural progression of your business goals. This commitment to iterative improvement is key to driving sustained results and achieving long-term success.
Our services are flexible to meet your specific needs. We can provide either full-funnel solution, or optimize just a part of your funnel. Depending on the scope of our engagement, our responsibilities will vary. For example, if we are tasked with optimizing a particular stage of the funnel, our accountability will be confined to certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to that stage.
We can even focus on individual metrics, such as optimising the conversion rate on a designated landing page, or we can direct our efforts towards specific marketing initiatives like crafting content for social media, designing funnels for lead magnets, or executing paid advertising strategies, among others.
We tailor our tool-stack for each project, ensuring that the tools we select for building or optimizing your funnels adhere to several key principles.
Firstly, we prioritize tools that integrate smoothly with your existing solutions, maintaining system cohesion and operational synergy. Cost-efficiency is also a core consideration; we leverage your current tools whenever feasible and introduce new tools only when necessary to enhance functionality or fill gaps. Moreover, the solutions we implement are designed to facilitate comprehensive tracking and performance measurement, enabling data-driven decision-making. We also strictly comply with local legislation, ensuring that all tools are legally compliant.
We maintain a firm stance against the use of any tools or resources that do not meet legal standards, such as the use of illegally obtained email lists, illegally scraped.
Our process is structured to ensure that every aspect of your marketing funnel is meticulously crafted to meet your business needs. We initiate by defining the scope of services, followed by an in-depth analysis of your existing marketing activities and backend business processes. This helps us identify both bottlenecks and opportunities for growth. The subsequent stage involves mapping out the funnel and establishing clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Finally, we move on to the delivery and optimization of activities.

Client involvement is essential in the initial stages, where we gather information about their marketing activities and business. As we commence with the activities, we transition to a more hands-off approach. While all of our activities need to be pre-approved by the client, we find that regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings for progress updates and client briefings on product and business developments work extremely well.

The timeline for delivery varies greatly depending on the complexity of the project. Performing an audit can range from 1 week for a simple funnel, where the client has all the key metrics well documented and organized, to 3-4 weeks for more complex funnels. We provide exact timelines only on a project-by-project basis.
Budgeting for funnel marketing services is tailored to the specific scope and scale of your project. The investment required is influenced by various factors, including your existing technical infrastructure, the complexity of the funnel, and market and language variations. Our pricing starts at 750 EUR for performing an audit and 1200 EUR per month for managing a marketing funnel.

For an accurate and detailed cost breakdown, please reach out to us at info@noticetheelephant.com, or fill out our Get a Quote Form. By understanding your unique needs, we can provide a personalized quote that respects your budget and business goals.

Our pricing structure is designed to be both flexible and scalable. We are committed to delivering a solution that not only fits your financial parameters but also ensures a robust return on investment.

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