We are always on a lookout for a great digital talent. Before you apply, make sure you are a good fit.
Who is Not the Right Fit for Us:

• Habitually works last minute, lacks organization, and fails to integrate others' timelines into their work.
• Prefers drama over professional development and learning.
• Joins with the expectation of being taught basic skills required for the position, rather than coming prepared with necessary knowledge.
• Believes that merely completing a task, without attention to quality or correctness, fulfills their responsibility.
• Expects praise just for completing their job duties, without demonstrating exceptional effort or results.
• Is not capable of working remotely and relies on the workplace as the sole source of interpersonal interactions.
Who is the Right Fit for Us:

• Possesses strong cognitive skills.
• Committed to continuous learning, both job-related and beyond.
• Can work independently without needing constant oversight or micromanagement.
• Skilled at asking relevant questions and able to follow instructions accurately.
• Respects the collaborative process, considers the impact of their work on the team, and values others' time.
• Delivers complete and high-quality work, and is willing to assist colleagues whenever necessary.
• Enjoys solving problems, and doesn't complain if problem needs more effort to resolve.

Open roles

February 17, 2022
Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Are you just starting out on your Digital Marketing Journey? That's great, let's grow together.
We are always happy to find new talent, and support new generations.

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December 1, 2021
Digital Marketing - General Application

We always like to meet new digital talents. Please feel free to reach out, If you think you would be a good fit for us!

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