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Discover what is being said about your brand or spy on competitors across the digital landscape with our comprehensive digital monitoring and social listening services.


Gain Real-Time Insights, Track Competitors, and Adapt Swiftly

Never miss a brand mention again with our real-time alerts, ensuring comprehensive tracking of your brand and hashtags. Our service enables you to protect your reputation, retrieve brand mentions up to 10 years old, measure marketing and PR efforts, analyze sentiment, and strategically compare with competitors.
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Thorough Analysis of All Digital Mentions

Dive deep into the digital world with comprehensive monitoring across social media, forums, reviews, news outlets and more. Our service provides detailed sentiment analysis to distinguish between positive and negative mentions of your brand. We identify key brand promoters and detractors, offering you a clear picture of your brand's perception.  We provide in depth analysis of your reach, engagement and impact througouth the time to gauge the impact of your marketing strategies
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Stay Ahead with Instant Alerts

Be the first to know with immediate email alerts for critical mentions. Our live dashboard offers continuous monitoring, keeping you informed at every moment. Customize your reporting to suit your needs, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Plus, with our real-time notifications, you're always in the loop about new mentions or links, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage or respond.

Explore Competititive Landscape

Keep a close eye on your competitors with our comprehensive competitor monitoring feature. Track and compare competitor mentions and performance, understanding their online presence and marketing strategies. This powerful tool allows you to benchmark your performance, adapt your strategies based on competitor activities, and understand audience responses to stay one step ahead in your market.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Monitoring And Social Listening Services

Our monitoring and social listening services cater to businesses and brands of all sizes, focusing on those who wish to maintain a vigilant eye on their online presence. These services are ideal for a variety of scenarios, including:

• Monitoring Online Reputation: Essential for businesses seeking to understand and manage how they are perceived online. This involves tracking mentions and sentiment across various digital platforms to maintain a positive reputation.
• Crisis Management: Invaluable in times of a public relations crisis, our services help in quickly identifying and addressing negative sentiments or misinformation, allowing for timely and effective management of potential issues.
• Measuring PR and Marketing Efficiency: By tracking the reach and impact of your marketing and PR campaigns, our services provide insights into their effectiveness, helping you refine strategies for better engagement and ROI.
• Brand Monitoring and Management: Keeping a close eye on how your brand is discussed and perceived online, enabling you to engage with your audience, respond to feedback, and manage your brand image proactively.
• Influencer Collaboration: Identifying and analyzing the impact of influencers talking about your brand. This helps in understanding the effectiveness of influencer partnerships and guiding future influencer marketing strategies.

Whether you're a small startup, a growing business, or a large corporation, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, especially in these critical areas. They are particularly beneficial for brands that aim to understand customer sentiment, manage their reputation, track competitor activity, and leverage insights for strategic decision-making.

Notice the Elephants offers monitoring and social listening across a variety of platforms, ensuring thorough coverage of your brand's online presence:

• Social Media: We monitor mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, TikTok, and Twitch. Please note that our tracking is limited to public mentions and is compliant with the policies of each specific platform.
• Reviews: We track reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, App Store, Google Play, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Yelp.
• Websites, Blogs, Forums, and News Outlets: Our services extend to tracking mentions on websites, blogs, forums, and news outlets, providing a comprehensive view of your brand's online narrative.

We can track specific brand names, keywords, hashtags, or even social media profiles. Additionally, we can tailor our tracking to your specific needs, filtering reports by location, hashtags, authors, specific keyword combinations, and more, to deliver targeted insights.
Sentiment analysis in our monitoring services employs advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify the tone and emotions expressed in online communications about your brand.
The processing model is trained on a large number of various forms of online communication, such as social media posts, reviews, and blog comments, to detect emotions and extract opinions. This helps us understand the sentiment towards your brand, whether it's positive, negative, or neutral. Artificial intelligence then classifies mentions based on positive, negative, or neutral emotions. In uncertain cases, the algorithm may mark emotions as unknown, ensuring accuracy in sentiment analysis. The algorithm continuously learns from its interactions, improving its ability to accurately assess sentiments over time. This aspect of artificial intelligence helps in adapting to the nuances of human language and expression.
In order to keep things as accurate and customizable to your use case, we can also manually review sentiments or add specific keywords as positive or negative.
Yes, our services are capable of tracking and analyzing historical brand mentions. We offer the ability to delve as far back as 10 years, depending on the platform and the availability of historical information.
This extensive historical reach is particularly valuable for conducting a full analysis of your brand's evolution over time. Whether you're interested in understanding long-term trends, shifts in public perception, or the impact of past marketing campaigns, our services provide a comprehensive view of your brand's online presence and reputation throughout the years.
Additionally, the ability to access a decade's worth of data enables us to track the evolution of your competitors and present a comprehensive view of the market's evolution. This feature is invaluable for gaining insights into long-term trends, shifts in public perception, and the impact of past marketing campaigns, offering a detailed historical perspective of both your brand's online presence and the competitive landscape over time.
Our service offers a comprehensive system of real-time alerts and notifications for brand mentions, ensuring you're always informed and ready to engage. Here's what we offer:
• Real-Time Notifications: Receive immediate alerts about mentions that are crucial to your brand, allowing for timely responses.
• Email Alerts: Stay updated with all significant mentions directly in your inbox.
• New Links Notifications: Discover fresh links driving traffic to your brand as soon as they appear.
• Live Dashboard: Access a live dashboard that organizes and filters all mentions according to your preferences.
• Custom Reporting: Receive full reports with the frequency you prefer, whether weekly, monthly, or another interval.

Additionally, our reports can include a variety of metrics tailored to your needs, such as:
• The number of brand mentions.
• Your brand engagement rate.
• Your social media reach.
• Identification of authors and influencers discussing your brand.
• Analysis of the tone of conversations.
• The most engaging posts across different social networks.
• Tracking changes in followers count for both your brand and competitors.
• Monitoring audience engagement and growth rate levels.
• Comprehensive coverage of all mentions of your brand and competitors.
• Insights into the hottest topics and trending hashtags.
• Analysis of publishing trends over specific time periods.

This robust system of alerts, notifications, and reporting ensures you have a 360-degree view of your brand's online presence and engagement.
Our service provides comprehensive insights into your competitors' online presence and strategies, giving you a clear view of where exactly the competition stands. We monitor mentions of your competitors across various platforms, helping you understand how often and where they are being talked about. Also understanding public sentiment towards your competitors is crucial. Our service analyzes the tone of conversations about them, categorizing these as positive, negative, or neutral. We delve into your competitors' marketing tactics, identifying what works for them and what doesn't. By analyzing your competitors' online presence, we can pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, providing you with valuable insights to inform your competitive strategy. The insights gained from monitoring your competitors help you learn, adapt, and ultimately flourish in your market.
Additionally, our reports can include a variety of metrics tailored to your needs, such as:
• The comparison of brand mentions between competitors
• Comparison of brand engagemnet rate between competitors
• Comparison of social media reach rate between competitors
• Identification of authors and influencers discussing your competitors brands.
• Comparison of the tone of conversations between competitors.
• The most engaging posts across different social networks.
• Tracking changes in followers count for both your brand and competitors.
• Comprehensive coverage of all mentions of your brand and competitors.
• Insights into the hottest topics and trending hashtags.
• Analysis of publishing trends over specific time periods.

This comprehensive approach to competitor analysis ensures that you are always informed about your competitors' moves and can strategize accordingly to stay ahead in the market.
We begin with a discovery call, where we delve into understanding your specific requirements and objectives for monitoring. This conversation is crucial in defining the goals and scope of our monitoring services tailored to your use case.

Following this, we craft a detailed proposal that outlines our suggested approach, the services we will provide, and the pricing structure. This proposal is designed to align closely with the goals and requirements discussed during our discovery call.

Upon your approval of the proposal and the signing of the contract, we move forward to the onboarding phase. During this stage, we set up the monitoring solutions, define the metrics to be measured, and prepare all the alerts and reports as agreed upon in the contract.

Additionally, we assign a dedicated Account Manager to your project. This Account Manager will be your primary point of contact, assisting with any further needs, helping with additional reports, and guiding you through any additional services we offer. This ensures a personalized and responsive service, tailored to your specific needs and objectives.
Our subscription serveces, such as daily monitoring and social listening, require a minimum commitment of six months. If you decide to discontinue our services, we require a one-month notice period. Upon termination, you will stop receiving all alerts, notifications, and reports, and your access to the live dashboard will be revoked. This policy ensures a smooth transition and allows you to make alternative arrangements if necessary.

For one-time projects like historical brand mention analysis or historical competitors analysis, you have the flexibility to decide on additional services or ongoing monitoring after the initial project delivery. These projects are specifically designed to provide targeted insights and data. Based on the outcomes and needs identified during these projects, you can choose to extend our services or opt for other tailored solutions that we offer.
The costs for our monitoring services are structured to cater to a range of needs and scales. Our monthly monitoring services start at €950 per month. This includes comprehensive tracking and analysis across various platforms, tailored to your brand's specific requirements.
Our competitor and market analysis services begin at €3,500. These services provide a detailed look at your competitors' strategies and market dynamics, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Additionally, we offer historical analysis services starting at €4,500. This service allows for an extensive review of past brand mentions and market trends, giving you a long-term perspective on your brand's evolution and market position.

For a precise proposal get in touch with us via email at info@noticetheelephant.com or complete our quote request form. By gaining insight into your specific needs, we can develop a tailored quote that accommodates your business goals.

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