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Our Three-Step Formula Combines Organic Content, Community Building, and Paid Advertising to Create a Dynamic, Engaged Audience Across Social Media Landscape, and Ultimately Deliver Results You Are Looking For.


Three-Step Social Media Formula

We measure, analyze and optimise all activities, making sure your social media channels follow the goals we set and that you connect with your audience in meaningful ways.
Content Strategy and Production

Organic Content

Organic content is a backbone of any successful social media marketing strategy.
Notice the Elephant's organic content services include everything from developing a content calendar and creating posts, to crafting engaging captions and incorporating relevant hashtags. The key to organic content success lies in good understanding of your brand's values and your user personas and their interests. 
Our dedication lies in creating visually appealing, informative, and shareable content that not only increases engagement but also builds brand awareness.
When we craft your content, we take into consideration all of your business goals, from influencing purchase decision, to employee branding, highlighting your corporate activities and community involvement. We monitor performance of every piece of content, and use data to help your brand stand out.
Customer evidence, influencers, community development

Community Building

Community building is a long-term goal you want to achieve on social networks, as it will multiply all your future activities. 
At our agency, we specialize in a range of community building tactics that enable you to create meaningful connections with your target audience and develop a devoted following.
Our expertise includes customer evidence programs and influencer partnerships, among other tactics.
Our ultimate goal is to actively engage and monitor audiences, encouraging them to comment, express opinions, and identify with your brand's goals.
By doing so, we help you transform casual users into dedicated followers and brand advocates who are passionate about your business.
With our services, you'll create a vibrant and engaged community that will help your brand succeed on social media and beyond.

Advertising on Social Media

Social media advertising can boost all organic activities and adds a layer of predictability, repeatability, and scalability to your social media efforts.
Understanding the distinction between organic and paid social media is crucial to your success.
Repetitive posting of the same offer throughout the day may not make sense, but utilizing an "always-on" campaign to target new audiences every day can be more effective.
With over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, our agency has the expertise to identify which activities will help you achieve your goals.

Selected Works


Launching TikTok Channel For The Largest National Telco Provider

0€ ad spent, 100% organic growth. 6 months results: 80k likes, 13k followers, and 25 average video views.
Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Managing Social Media For The Largest OCR Brand

300k organic reach monthly, with an average of 2.5k engagements monthly.

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