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Build a Visible and Credible Public Image

Your brand will shine through public image, effortlessly attracting recognition and prominence.


Omni-Channel Approach for Strong Results

We build relationships with your target audiences in a creative and proactive way. We'll develop a concrete plan for you. We'll boost your organic publications, position you as a leading expert, manage your reputation and be there for you in the event of a crisis communication.
PR Strategy and Production

Gain Atraction Through Earned and Paid Media

Earned media is the most cost-effective way to generate new users and followers. Your reputation will encourage others to spread the good word about, and you will generate new customers in an organic way. Our agency will not only provide you with a range of communication tools, but also all the content and visuals. 
One of our specialities is launcing new products and services. After an initial market analysis, we prepare a range of media for you and make sure you get the most for your investment. We work with influencers, advise on sponsorships and partnerships at events and festivals, and choose the paid media that your potential customers follow, read and watch. We'll help you build your public image and raise your profile to the level you imagined.
Customer evidence, industry leadership, community development

Build your Thought Leadership Position

With your knowledge, insight and vision, people will value you for providing the right solutions. We'll raise your profile and you'll become a leading expert with a positive image. We will draw the public's attention to the problem your service or product solves, showcase your innovative and radical solution and prove that you are the right choice. 
Our agency will develop a strategy that positions you in the public eye and builds your industry leadership as a trendsetter, educator and inspiration to others. We will demonstrate that you understand your customers' wants and needs by using a variety of tools to deliver content created with your own writing style and compelling images and video. In addition, we will keep you informed of key B2B and B2C events in your industry and select from our range of services those that will be most effective in maintaining your reputation and leadership position.

Manage Your Brand Reputation

Reputation is more likely to be damaged if it's not built on a solid foundation and what we do first is we analyse how you are perceived by the public. A brand with a good reputation will be a magnet for better staff, which in turn will be a competitive advantage in your market. 
In addition to reputation building, we monitor and advise on the tactics needed to protect your reputation. In the even of an unpleasant situation or an accident, it is very important that we respond in a timely and honest manner and that we show vulnerability without compromising on the value of your product or service. 
We'll prepaire a protocol how to react in the case of crisis and teach you public speaking skills, how to avoid freezing in front of cameras and microphones, and how to cultivate relationships with journalists. Go the extra mile and build a serious, recognisable and trusted brand with us.

Selected Works


PR Strategic Communications for European Capitals of Culture

We raised awareness, built a positive image, highlighted ongoing events and developed media relations for ECOC GO! 2025 locally, nationally and internationally.

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